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Frequently Asked Questions

Fuel System/Carburetor

  1. At idle the engine runs fine but when I drive and slow down or stop the engine wants to slow down or
  2. Can you please tell me how to remove the gas tank in a 1930 2 door sports coupe? I would like to rem
  3. Hello I shall be grateful if you could help me with the following: Can you tell me what is the c
  4. Hi.. i am abot to purchase a 1929 model a sports coupe.. the engine was completelt rebuilt.. my ques
  5. How do you get a gulled shut gasoline sediment assembly valve open?
  6. How do you seal the gas tank with the A-9002 tank sealer?
  7. i have a 1929 a 4 door and the steering colum brackets were mounted to the tank (bad design) now its
  8. I have a 1930 model A with a rusty gas tank. How does the gas tank sealer work?
  9. I have a 1931 Delux Coupe. What carborator kit do I need?
  10. I have a 29 Model AA and I have forgotten which which the fuel shut-off valve needs to be for the on
  11. I have my recently inherited model A running, however it starts quickly,runs way too fast and when I
  12. I just recently got a 1929 Model A. It starts fine and runs fine up to about 25 mile per hr. After t
  13. I saw one of your kits was for gas tank repair. I am looking for one of the items in the kit (gas r
  14. This may sound like a stupid question, but, when I put on the new gasket on the tillotson carb, shou
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