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Model T Ford Front Axle

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  1. Model T Apco Ball Cap Kit T-2728-ACC (1909-1927) $31.00 / ea.  

    Apco accessory style spring loaded ball cap kit.

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  2. Model T Wishbone / Drag Shim Set T-2728-SH (1909-1927) $10.50 / set  

    Set of 3 steel shims used to shim a worn wish bone or drag link ball.

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  3. Early Spindle Washer T-2709-E (1909-1919) $14.50 / ea  

    These spindle washers are used between the outer bearing and the spindle nut.

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  4. Model T Axle & Steering Nut Set T-2691 (1909-1927) $4.00 / set  

    An 8 piece castellated nut set for the front axle & steering.

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  5. Model T Ball Seat T-2728-C (1909-1927) $1.75 / ea.  

    This is the seat for the accessory style spring loaded radius and tie rod cap assemblies.

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  6. Bushing Driver T-2714-T (1909-1927) $10.75 / ea.  

    This driver is used for installing and removing the T-2714 bushing.

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  7. Model T Bushing Face Cutter T-2713-FC (1909-1927) $62.95 / ea.  

    When installing new T-2713 spindle bushings, the face of the bushing must be cut to fit your application.

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  8. Model T Drag Link T-2725-A (1909-1911) T-2725-B (1911-1913) T-2725-C (1913-1916)  

    These drag links are authentic in every detail! There are cheaper drag links on the market today but the quality and workmanship just can't compare! Ends are investment castings with a very smooth finish.

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  9. Model T Drag Link Ball Socket Bolt Set T-2729-BMB (1909-1927) $3.95 / set  

    The correct design bolts to hold part #T-2728 onto the drag link.

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  10. Model T Early Tie Rod Bolts T-2718-ES (1909-1910) $42.00 / pr.  

    This style tie rod bolt was used on the early 1909 and 10's.

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  11. Model T Hardened/Ground Spindle Bolt Sets T-2710-AS (1909-1915) T-2710-ASB (1909-1915) T-2710-BS (1916-1927) T-2710-BSB (1916-1927)  

    These are the original style with precision machine ground bolts.

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  12. Model T Ford Lift Up Oiler T-2715-D (1915-1927) $1.15 / ea.  

    The same design oiler that Ford used.

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