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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. what do you know about. oil filter kit a-6705? is there instructions? how well does it work? or do
  2. (30 Coupe)My oil pan is rusty inside. Beadblasting cleans it nice but it gets surface rust overnite.
  3. 1930 model A What eng oil
  4. 28 Tudor. What is the diameter of the wire used to make the piston pin retainer clips? I have some s
  5. Are there Two types of Oil Pan Sump Plugs fitted to the Model A ? Part Number B6730 is listed as 3
  6. Head will not stop leaking water. Pulled head. Found head bolts do not line up with head holes or ne
  7. Hello , I had got a Flot a motor set from you, i am now trying to insthal it , i dont see, is there
  8. Hello, I bought a long block from a shop. My question concerns a threaded hole that is located
  9. HI, Should the oil pump hole plug go all the way in through the block and touch the oil pump to
  10. How do I stop the oil from leaking out the bell housing? Its engine oil,so I guess the rear main sea
  11. How many quarts of oil does the model A use?
  12. How much end play should my crankshaft have?
  13. how to tell the exhust valve from the intake valve
  14. I am about to install the head on my model A and need to know what to torque the head nuts to?
  15. I am assembling my motor and would like to know what the torque specs are for the mains and rods?
  16. I am considering installing one on your high compression heads for a 1930 Model A. I have been told
  17. I have a 1929 Model A. I have removed my oil pan for some heavy cleaning. The oil pump cme out when
  18. I have a 1930 closed cab pick-up. There is a machined hole with 2 wires hanging out of it at the bot
  19. I have a B motor,any ideas on which head gasket works best? The copper or asbestos type.also any tip
  20. I have a Model A with original tappets. When I next do the engine I will install adjustable ones. Of
  21. I have several, bear with me. I have a Leakless water pump on my coupe and the nut has the seal wh
  22. I want to order reconditioned connecting rods but I do not know what the standard journal size was?
  23. in which direction do you turn the nut on the timing gear to remove it. Is it a left or right handed
  24. is there an oil filter kit for a 1928 model a ford.
  25. is there any way to free up an engine without tearing it apart. it has set about 3 years and is lo
  26. My hand crank for my model a does not line up with engine as engine seems higher towards the front.
  27. Our rear motor mounts need some work. What is your professional opinion on rebuilding it stock or in
  28. Question #1: I have a 1929 model A with single lock nut adjustable tappet. What is the proper val
  29. Replacement wrist pin bushings I recently purchased are of a split type. What is the correct posit
  30. The crank hole does line up with the engine, the engine is about 1" too far right. how do I fix it s
  31. were can i find a dieplate 7/8-18 ? i guess it is the right threads for the sparkplugs on model A?
  32. What are the model A motor numbers?
  33. What is the angle of the valve seat in my model A?
  34. What is the firing order of a model A?
  35. What should the clearance be between the connecting rod bearing and the crankshaft?
  36. When I had the oil pan off I noticed some missing teeth on the timing gear. Can the gear be replaced
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