Shipping Policies


The shipping quotes you see with your online order are estimates, when your order is processed you will only be charged the actual shipping cost. We strive to make the shipping quotes as accurate as possible.


If you are going to be in the area of our store and would like to pick up your order here, you will have a shipping option named "IN STORE PICKUP". Simply create your order, select this as your shipping option and we will have the order waiting for you.


Foreign orders can be shipped one of two ways: Parcel Post Air, or Federal Express. Air mail is normally cheaper than Federal Express. If there is a delay in receiving a parcel post shipped order, it can take 60 days to receive information from the post office about a shipment. We will not reship an order that has been delayed in arriving until the postal administration has declared the shipment a loss. The post office does not warrant any postage fees involved for reshipping an order. Allow 40% of the total order dollar value for shipping, (this is only an estimate because rates are based on weight). Air mail shipments usually take 10 days to arrive.

The quickest and most reliable way of shipping foreign orders is with Federal Express. These shipments are air shipments and usually take about 7-10 days to arrive. The parcels are tracked all the way and can be located at any time. If there is a problem with the shipment, federal express is very prompt to take care of any problems and reship the order promptly if a problem should arise. The shipping cost charged on the order, is only the cost of transportation.

This does not include duties or taxes that apply to the order. The customer is responsible for all duties or taxes that apply to the order.