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Ford Model T Bumpers & Parts

Ford Model T Bumpers and Parts

Snyder's Antique Auto offers bumpers and bumper parts for your Ford Model T. Snyder's is happy to answer any questions regarding the restoration of your Ford Model T. Our bumpers and bumper parts will make for the most authentic restoration.


  1. Bumper Backing Plate A-17756-A (1928-1930) $6.50 / ea.  

    This heavy steel backing plate is the early design.

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  2. Center Bumper Clamp A-17762-A (1926-1928) $10.50 / ea.  

    This small clamp goes in the middle of the bumper bars to keep them from vibrating.

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  3. Center Backing Plate A-17765-B (1926-1931) $0.95 / ea.  

    This backing plate is used with the A-17762-A.

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  4. Model T Bumper Bracket Mounting Bolts T-3102-FMB (1926-1927) T-3102-RMB (1926-1927)  

    All the hardware needed to mount the bumper brackets to the frame.

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  5. Model T Front Bumper Brackets T-3102-FX (1926-1927) $100.00 / pr.  

    Heavy steel brackets that come off of the frame for bumpers to mount to.

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  6. Model T Rear Bumper Brackets T-3102-SR1 (1926-1927) T-3102-SRH (1926-1927)  

    Heavy steel bumper brackets that attach to frame of the T.

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  7. Model T Bumper Bars T-3109-FXB (1926-1927) $325.00 / pr.  

    Nice shiny stainless steel bars for the front or rear of the 1926-27 Model T.

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  8. Model T Bumper Clamps T-3109-SX (1926-1927) $14.00 / ea.  

    You will need two for the front, and two for the rear.

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  9. Model T Rear Bumpers T-3145-FXS (1926-1927) $175.00 / set  

    The split style stainless steel bumper bars.

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