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Model T Bolts & Bolt Sets

Bolts & Bolt Sets

Snyder's Antique auto has all the bolts and bolts sets needed to complete any repair or restoration of your Ford Model T. Our Model T bolts are available for specific repairs and applications such as cotter pins, axels, step plates, manifolds and engines.


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  1. Model T Axle & Steering Nut Set T-2691 (1909-1927) $4.00 / set  

    An 8 piece castellated nut set for the front axle & steering.

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  2. Seat Belt Extenders A-47813 (1909-1931) A-47814 (1909-1931)  

    Used in conjuction with our A-47810 seat belt.

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  3. Model T Brass Cotter Pin Set T-23531 (1909-1916) $1.20 / set  

    12 piece set.

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  4. Model T Carb Mounting Bolts T-4130 (1909-1927) $1.95 / ea.  

    Set of bolts to bolt the carb to the intake.

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  5. Model T Castellated Nut Set T-2500-CAST (1909-1927) $7.55 / set  

    14 cadmium plated rear axle and drive shaft nuts.

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  6. Model T Castle Nuts TN-1220 (1909-1927) TN-1428 (1909-1927) TN-3824 (1909-1927) TN-51624 (1909-1927) TN-5818 (1909-1927) TN-71620 (1909-1927) TN-91618 (1909-1927)  

    Individual castle nuts.

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  7. Model T Dome Head Bolts T-3003-C (1926-1927) T-3003-C-Q15 (1926-1927)  

    Nickle plated domed head bolt Ford used on the 1926-27 car.

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  8. Model T Drag Link Ball Socket Bolt Set T-2729-BMB (1909-1927) $3.95 / set  

    The correct design bolts to hold part #T-2728 onto the drag link.

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  9. Model T Drilled Head Bolts TB-382412 (1909-1927) TB-382415 (1909-1927)  

    Thick head bolt with no head markings.

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  10. Model T Engine Support Bolt Set T-3083-MB (1909-1927) $7.95 / set  

    Bolts the rear of the engine to the frame.

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  11. Model T Fan Adjusting Bolt T-3973 (1912-1925) $0.95 / ea.  

    Threads into the timing cover and pushes on the tab of the fan bracket to adjust the fan belt.

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  12. Model T Fan Blade Screws T-3984-MB (1920-1927) $0.95 / ea.  

    Screws and lock washers to attach the fan blade to the fan hub.

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