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Model A Bolt Sets

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  1. 1929 Murray Dashboard Bolt Set #19 $1.25 / set  

    9 Bolt Set.

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  2. Light Switch Bracket Bolts 7 Tooth A-3569-AMB (1928-1929) $0.95 / set  

    Attaches the light switch bracket to the bottom of the steering column.

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  3. Light Switch Bracket Bolts 2 Tooth A-3569-MB (1929-1931) $0.70 / set  

    Attaches the light switch bracket to the bottom of the steering column.

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  4. Model A Anti-Rattle Mounting Set A-2504-MB (1928-1931) $1.25 / set  

    A 12 piece set for mounting both types of anti-rattle springs.

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  5. Model A Axle Housing To Pumpkin Bolts A-4035-MB (1928-1931) $15.50 / set  

    Complete set of original style thick headed bolts that bolt the axle shaft housings tot he differential housing.

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  6. Model A Battery Box Support Stud Set A-5154 (1928-1931) $3.75 / set  

    The special studs and nuts that hold the battery support in the frame, and they also hold the battery frame or clamps in place.

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  7. Model A Body Mounting Bolts #45 (1928-1931) $6.75 / set  

    Complete set of bolts to mount the body to the frame.

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  8. Model A Bolt Set For Dash Panel #15 (1928-1931) $1.25 / set  

    Chrome bolt set to mount dash panel.

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  9. Model A Brace Rod Bracket Mount Set A-8140-MB (1928-1931) $2.75 / set  

    Set of 4 locking nuts, and 4 rivet headed bolts used to mount the radiator brace rod brackets to the firewall.

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  10. Model A Brake Rod Clevis Lock Nuts A-2499-N (1928-1931) $0.75 / set  

    Set of 7 nuts used to lock the clevises in place on the brake rods.

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  11. Model A Bumper Clamp Nut Set A-17758-N (1928-1931) $1.95 / ea.  

    If you are using your original clamps, this kit has all of the nuts and lock washers for the 4 large clamps and the small center clamp.

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  12. Distributor Cam Screw & Washer A-12211/13 (1928-1931) $1.25 / ea.  

    The special screw and washer that hold the cam to the upper distributor shaft.

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