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A letter of thanks from Don Snyder III

To Our Valued Customers,

Once again, THANK YOU for the support you have given us in the past year. We are a quality minded company that is always striving to improve on quality and service. We have been servicing fellow Model A & T hobbyists for over 50 years now. We are looking forward to serving you in future years. Here's a highlight of some of the new products now available.

Probably the most significant new item we now have available comes from the Nu-Rex product line! Check out the new automatic advance listed in the distributor section for Model A's. This nifty little item installs in the valve chamber in place of the lower distributor shaft and gives you an automatic advance. No longer do you have to mess with the spark lever on the steering column; it optimizes your engines performance automatically!

For you 1928 and early 1929 Model A Sedan owners, we are now manufacturing the tail lamp brackets for the drum style tail lamp that came off the back of the body. For safety reasons, most Model A owners are adding a right hand tail lamp for turn signals. Makes your A look like the tail lamp was there from the factory!

We just finished our first run of Model A Tudor Sedan rear floor mats. The current floor mats that have been available are very thin and flimsy to say the least! Our new mats are made in the same heavy thickness as our front floor mats that we manufacture. One is available for 28-9s, and another for the 30-1s. Custom trimmed for each year range so no trimming is required!

POR15 paint products have also been added to our product line this year. If you have never used the POR products, you will be amazed at the performance! You will find these products listed in the Restoration Supplies section of your catalog.

Water inlets are now available for the Ts. With as many Ts as there are with water pumps on them, you would think there would be an abundance of inlets lying around. No one seems to have any! Our first batch should be ready by the time you get your new catalog. They are made of cast iron, same as the original!

We have added several body panels in our Model T sheet metal section. These are excellent quality die stamped panels manufactured by the boys in Sweden that are manufacturing the new bodies! We may have some available earlier, but we are expecting our big shipment of these panels some time this summer.

There have been over 100 new products added to our Model T line of products this year alone. Take a good look through the catalog so you don't miss anything. That long awaited part you have been looking for just might be available now!

Our full line of products can be ordered directly from the internet now. I know, no one wants to hear about price changes, but it is a problem that can't be avoided. Most of you are aware that we only publish one catalog per year. Because of this, it is almost impossible for us to hold prices for an entire year on everything. Because our prices are not inflated to cover these uncertainties, some items will change throughout the year. Our web site is constantly updated so you are aware of these changes as well as new products that have become available. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Thank You,
Don Snyder III

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