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Model T Wheels & Hubs

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  1. Model T 1926-1927 Wire Wheel Hub Bolts T-2883 (1926-1927) T-2888 (1926-1927)  

    You will need 5 of each per wheel.

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  2. Model A Chrome Lug Nuts A-1012-C (1928-1931) A-1012-C-Q23 (1928-1931)  

    This is a set of 23 chrome lug nuts.

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  3. Model A Cadmium Lug Nuts A-1012-B (1928-1931) A-1012-B-Q23 (1928-1931)  

    This is a set of 23 cadmium lug nuts.

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  4. Model T Rim Bolts & Nuts T-2847 (1919-1927) T-2848 (1919-1927) T-2848/47-1 (1919-1927) T-2848/47-4 (1919-1927)  

    Specially made bolts and nuts as used on any Ford demountable rim.

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  5. Rim Clamp T-2877 (1926-1927) $11.50 / ea.  

    Used on 1926-27 T's with 21" split rims.

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  6. Hickory TT Spokes T-2800-20 (1919-1927) $21.00  

    For the TT truck rear wheels, These hickory spokes are available for the Ford 20" wheel only.

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  7. Safety Hub & Drum Assembly T-2887-X (1909-1925) $299.00 / ea.  

    Safety bearing style hubs with the benefit of a heavy emergency brake drum that can be used as a service brake when the optional brake equalizer kit is added.

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  8. Chrome Wire Wheel Nut Set T-2884/90 (1926-1928) $159.95 / set  

    A set of 22 standard nuts and one locking style nut.

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  9. Wire Wheel Brake Drums T-2889 (1926-1927) $65.00 / ea.  

    Replace those cracked or worn drums with good heavy new ones.

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  10. Wheel Buddies A-1013 (1926-1931) $43.00 / pr.  

    Lifting and aligning your wheel with the wheel studs can often difficult, especially as we get older! Simply thread the 2 wheel buddy alignment pins over 2 wheel studs, align the wheel with the pins and slide into position! Ends of pins are slotted for a large screwdriver.

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  11. Model T 1926-1927 Wire Wheels T-2881 (1926-1927) $435.00 / ea.  

    New reproduction of the original style 21" wheels for the 1926-27 Model T.

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  12. Model T 1926-27 Wire Wheel Hubs T-2882 (1926-1927) T-2887-OR (1926-1927)  

    Used on 1926-27 Model T's with wire wheels.

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