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Model T Running Boards

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  1. Model T 1909 Running Boards T-4812-A $180.00 / pr.  

    This 1909 running board has nine ribs running lengthwise of the board except where mounting coils break the line.

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  2. Carbide Generator Mounting Bolts T-6604-MB (1909-1912) $24.50 / set  

    Used for mounting the early style carbide generator mounting bracket to the running board.

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  3. Model T 1910 Running Boards T-4812-B $180.00 / pr.  

    The 1910 boards had nine rows of ribs.

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  4. Model T 1911-12 Running Boards T-4812-D (1911-1912) $180.00 / pr.  


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  5. Model T Torpedo Running Boards T-4812-C (1910-1911) $150.00 / pr.  

    For the 1909-11 Torpedo.

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  6. Model T 1913-25 Running Boards T-4812-E (1913-1925) $180.00 / pr.  


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  7. Model T 1926-27 Running Boards T-4812-F (1926-1927) $180.00 / pr.  

    Authentic style running boards with all the correct detail.

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  8. Model T Step Plates T-4814-A (1917-1927) T-4814-B (1909-1916)  

    Available in either brass or aluminum.

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  9. Model T Running Board Cocoa Mat T-4815 (1909-1927) $59.95 / ea.  

    Spring wires hold these cocoa mats to the running board.

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  10. Model T Modern Running Board Bolt Set T-4813-BS (1926-1927) $3.00 / set  

    Carriage bolts and nuts needed to mount the running boards to the brackets.

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  11. Model T Running Board Bolt Set, Original Style T-4813-BSR (1913-1925) T-4813-BSX (1909-1916) T-4818/19-BX (1913-1914)  

    Correct head style bolts used to attach the running boards to the braces and the running boards to the fenders.

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  12. Model T Running Board Truss Rods T-4816/17-A (1909) T-4816/17-B (1910-1915) T-4816/17-C (1916-1921)  

    These heavy rods run under the frame and support the running board brackets.

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