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Model T Rings

  1. Model T Piston Rings For Cast Iron Pistons T-3023-020 (1909-1927) T-3023-030 (1909-1927) T-3023-040 (1909-1927) T-3023-060 (1909-1927) T-3023-STD (1909-1927)  

    Grant brand ring sets for cast iron pistons.

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  2. Model T Grant Brand Piston Rings (Alum) T-3023-A020 (1909-1927) T-3023-A030 (1909-1927) T-3023-A040 (1909-1927) T-3023-A060 (1909-1927) T-3023-A080 (1909-1927) T-3023-ASTD (1909-1927)  

    Grant brand ring sets for aluminum pistons.

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  3. Model T Hastings Brand Piston Rings (Aluminum) T-3023-AH020 (1909-1927) T-3023-AH030 (1909-1927) T-3023-AH040 (1909-1927) T-3023-AH060 (1909-1927) T-3023-AH080 (1909-1927) T-3023-AHSTD (1909-1927)  

    Hastings brand ring sets for aluminum pistons.

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  4. Model T Piston Rings for High Compression Pistons T-3023-HC020 (1909-1927) T-3023-HC030 (1909-1927) T-3023-HC040 (1909-1927) T-3023-HC060 (1909-1927) T-3023-HC080 (1909-1927) T-3023-HCSTD (1909-1927)  

    These ring sets contain compression rings that are 5/64" and oil rings that are 3/16".

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