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Model T Oil Items

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  1. Pan Extension T-3102-CEX (1925-1927) $59.95  

    This aluminum spacer is required to give more clearance between the oil pan and the inspection cover when using a Model A crankshaft in a Model T.

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  2. Steel Oil Cap T-3068-B (1909-1927) $21.00 / ea.  

    Black steel oil cap to fit 1909-27 Model T's.

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  3. Engine Support Bolt Set T-3083-MB2 (1926-1927) $6.00 / set  

    1926-27's had an extra brace (T-3116) to support the oil pan.

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  4. Outside Oil Line Kit 1926-27 T-3081-AOL (1926-1927) $22.95 / ea.  

    One of the best accessories made for the Model T.

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  5. Outside Oil Line Kit 1909-25 T-3081-OL (1909-1925) $27.95 / ea  

    One of the best accessories made for the Model T.

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  6. Model T Brass Ford Scipt Oil Cap T-3068-BR (1909-1915) $18.50 / ea.  

    Originally used from 1909-12 but it will fit any year.

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  7. Model T Crankcase Arm Block T-3083 (1909-1927) $4.25 / ea.  

    A hard wood block that fits between the car frame and the rear motor support brackets.

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  8. Model T Crankshaft/Oil Pump Adapter T-3082-ACVW (1909-1927) $31.75 / ea.  

    Used when putting an A crank in a T.

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  9. Model T Deluxe Oil Check Tool T-3079-CKW (1909-1927) $13.75 / ea.  

    A handy multi-function tool.

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  10. Model T Dipstick Kit T-3069 (1909-1927) $41.95 / ea.  

    If you're getting old and the under side of your T is further down than you remember it being, here's the answer.

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  11. Drain Plug Thread Repair Kit T-3080-RK (1909-1927) $15.50 / ea.  

    Kit allows you to repair a stripped oil drain plug hole without removing the motor from the car.

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  12. Model T Engine Support Bolt Set T-3083-MB (1909-1927) $6.00 / set  

    Bolts the rear of the engine to the frame.

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