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Model T Motor Meters

  • Boyce Moto Meters

    A popular accessory for the model T's. Let's you know when Lizzie's ready to blow! Available in brass or chrome. U.S.A.

    Part Number Specifics Price
    Brass Wreath $57.00 / ea.
    Chrome Plain $57.00 / ea.
    Chrome Wreath $57.00 / ea.
  • Moto Meter Airplane Prop

    All parts are machined from aluminum except prop which is black plastic. Mounts between the moto meter and locking cap. Spins while you drive! U.S.A.

    Part Number Specifics Price
    1917-31 $150.00 / ea.
  • Moto Meter Embossed Bezel Screws

    Embosed screws that fit the moto meter.

    Part Number Price
    $1.00 / ea.
  • Moto Meter Lens Gasket

    Gaskets that fit the Moto Meter glass. U.S.A.

    Part Number Specifics Price
    1909-31 $1.25 / pr.
  • T-3926-GBX
    Radiator Caps For Meters

    Slightly different design than our other dog bones and gull wings. Fits repo necks perfectly, we cannot guarantee fit for original necks.

    Part Number Specifics Price
    Brass Dog Bone
    $24.95 / ea.
    Chrome Dog Bone
    $28.75 / ea.
    Brass Gull Wing
    $25.50 / ea.
    Chrome Gull Wing
    $29.75 / ea.
  • Radiator Caps For Meters

    Very nice quality die cast. The brass is polished. Don't forget to order some extra T-3927 gaskets for alignment purposes.

    Part Number Specifics Price
    Dog Bone Brass $24.95 / ea.
    Dog Bone Chrome $24.95 / ea.
    Gull wing Brass $24.95 / ea.
    Gull Wing Chrom $24.95 / ea.
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