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Model A Tools

  • Tool Bag

    A nice heavy duty tool bag made of the cobra style top material. Keep your tools nice and clean! 12" wide by 6-1/4" tall. U.S.A.

    Part Number Price
    $8.95 / ea.
  • Tire Irons

    A-17019-1 This one is a carry over from the Model T. Used from October 1927 until July 1928. A-17019-2 Was used from July 1928 until November 1928 A-17019-3 Was used from July 1928 until the...

    Part Number Specifics Price
    1927-28 $18.25 / ea.
    1928 $15.00 / ea.
    1928-31 $18.25 / ea.
    1931 $23.35 / ea.
  • Engine Lift

    Threads into spark plug hole in cylinder head and has a large eyelet for a chain hook to hook through. Can also be helpful in removing a stuck head. U.S.A.

    Part Number Specifics Price
    1928-31 $10.50 / ea.
  • Crank

    Use one end to crank the engine, and the other to change the tire! The later style with shortened end for lug nut to keep from scratching the wheel. Pin that is the end for cranking over the...

    Part Number Specifics Price
    1928-31 $17.50 / ea.
  • Jack Handle

    Folding style jack handle used on the later style screw jacks. Painted black. U.S.A.

    Part Number Specifics Price
    1930-31 $34.95 / ea.
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