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Model A Mirror

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  • Rear View Mirror Screws

    The 1928-29 closed cars used an oval headed machine screw to hold the mirror on. U.S.A.

    Part Number Specifics Price
    1928-29 $0.75 / set
  • Side Mount Mirror

    We also have this style side mount mirror that mounts with a leather strap. U.S.A.

    Part Number Price
    $50.75 / ea.
  • Side Mount Mirror (Chain Style)

    Mounts on top of the side mount spare tire. Polished stainless with key lock. U.S.A.

    Part Number Specifics Price
    1928-31 $63.95 / ea.
  • Truck Hinge Mirror

    A hinge type mirror for the closed cab commercial vehicles. Drivers side only. Powder coated black, hinge pin included. U.S.A.

    Part Number Specifics Price
    1928-31 $24.95 / ea.
  • Windwing Mirror

    If your car has windwings, this mirror clamps to the glass. Polished stainless.

    Part Number Specifics Price
    Polished Stainless
    $22.00 / ea.

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