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Inside Door Handles

  • Door Opener

    This door opener is an exact copy of the original standard handle used on: 1928-31 Coupe, 1928-29 Special Coupe, 1928-31 Sport Coupe, 1928-29 Business Coupe, 1928-31 Tudor Sedan, and 1930-31...

    Part Number Specifics Price
    $6.50 / ea.
    $5.95 / ea.
  • Handle Pins

    Pins for the inside door handles 1/8" Diameter, 5/8" long. U.S.A.

    Part Number Price
    $0.60 / set of 4
  • Inside Door Handle

    This handle was used on 30-1 Victoria, 30-1 Cabriolet, A-400's, and some 4-door sedans. This is a twist style handle instead of the normal "lift-up" style of handle. Mounts to a 3/8" square shank...

    Part Number Specifics Price
    1930-31 $10.25 / ea.
  • Inside Door Knob

    Stainless door knob for the 1928-29 Closed & Open Cab Pickups, and 1928 Roadsters, Phaetons.

    Part Number Specifics Price
    1928-29 $5.35 / ea.
  • Inside Door Opener

    This lift-up style door handle was used on the 4-door sedans that did not take the twist style handle. Chrome. Sleeve nuts for mounting must be purchased separately.

    Part Number Specifics Price
    1928-31 $10.50 / ea.
  • Inside Door Opener

    A nice chrome inside door opener for the Roadsters and the Phaetons. Mounting screws included.

    Part Number Specifics Price
    1928-31 $10.25 / ea.
  • Quarter Window Handle

    This "T" handle was used on the 30-1 Coupes that had the roll down rear window, and on the 4-dr Sedans that had the quarter windows that went up and down.

    Part Number Specifics Price
    1930-31 $10.50 / ea.
  • Sleeve Nuts

    These nuts have threads on the inside, and hold the lift-up style door handles on the shaft. Special lock washer is included. Chrome, U.S.A.

    Part Number Specifics Price
    1928-31 $1.75 / ea.
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