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Model A Parts

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  • Nickle plated door striker was used on the 68-A, 68-B Cabriolets. Not for the th 68-C Cabriolet. U.S.A.
    Part Number Specifics Price
    1929-30 $19.95 / ea.
  • Clock Mirror
    High quality copy of an era accessory, the clock has a black face, stem mount with the Ford logo. The mirror is 2-1/2" tall by 7" wide beveled glass.
    Part Number Specifics Price
    1909-31 $117.50 / ea.
  • E-Timer
    An electric style timer with a magnetic pick up. Only to be used on 6-Volt or 12-Volt negative ground systems. The car can not be run on magneto with this timer. The timing cover must be perfectly...
    Part Number Specifics Price
    1919-27 $399.95 / ea.
  • Gas Tank To Belt Rail Bolts
    Used in early 1930, this kit fastens the back edge of the gas tank to the body. This kit uses 1/4" bolts instead of 5/16" like the later 1930 production. The kit contains 12 bolts, 12 nuts and...
    Part Number Specifics Price
    Early 1930 $2.50 / set
  • Latch/Regulator Washers
    Used to mount the door latch and/or window regulator to the wood panel in the door of 1928-29 60-A,B,C Briggs 4-door and the 68-A Cabriolet. Used for rear window regulators only of the 1930-31 Victoria,...
    Part Number Specifics Price
    Thick .300"
    $5.50 / ea.
    Thin .150"
    $5.50 / ea.
  • A-13405-BL12BD
    LED Blue Dot Tail Lamp
    12 volt tail lamps with all red plastic LED lenses with blue dot in the braking portion of the lens. Available in either stainless or black powder coated with stainless rim.
    Part Number Specifics Price
    Black Left Commercial Vehicles
    $60.00 / ea.
    Black Right Commercial Vehicle
    $51.50 / ea.
    Stainless Left
    $61.00 / ea.
    Stainless Right
    $52.25 / ea.
  • LED Tail Light Lens with Blue Dots
    12 Volt Red LED lenses with blue dot in the braking area. Left lenses include the clear lens for the license plate. Epoxy coated plastic lenses are fully sealed to keep moisture out! Simply plugs...
    Part Number Specifics Price
    $43.50 / ea.
    $34.75 / ea.
  • A-13401-A
    Replacement Lens For Directional Lights
    Replacement lens for our A-13401-A6 and A-13401-A12 directional lamps. U.S.A.
    Part Number Specifics Price
    $4.50 / ea.
    $4.50 / ea.
  • 1928-29 Sport Light Brackets
    2-piece chrome plated brackets. One bracket attaches outside the stanchion on open cars or to the windshield pillar of closed cars, and the other bracket attaches inside the vehicle to...
    Part Number Specifics Price
    1928-29 $145.00 / ea.
  • No Image Available
    1930 Cabriolet Rear Bow
    Part Number Specifics Price
    1930 $195.00 / ea.
  • 1930-31 Closed Car Sport Light Brackets
    2-piece chrome plated brackets. Includes both inner and outer brackets for supporting the sport light. Correct cad plated slotted hex head clamping screws included. Fits all 30-1 closed...
    Part Number Specifics Price
    1930-31 $145.00 / ea.
  • 1930-31 Open Car Sport Light Bracket
    The bracket mounts to the driver's side lower windshield stanchion using the same two mounting screws. The bracket is chrome plated and includes the correct cad plated slot hex clamping screws....
    Part Number Specifics Price
    1930-31 $165.00 / ea.
  • 20" Inner Tubes
    Used on the 1919-27 TT truck rear wheels and the 1928-31 AA truck wheels. We now offer our 20" inner tubes in two styles. A-1506-20 uses a TR150 Straight Rubber stem that is centered in the tube....
    Part Number Specifics Price
    Straight Rubber Stem
    $37.95 / ea.
    Brass Right Angle Stem
    $37.95 / ea.
  • 600-20 Lucas Truck Tire
    This tire size was used on 1919 -27 TT truck rear wheels only, this tire fits the 20" (30x5) rims only. Also fits one ton trucks from 1928-31 on both the front and the rear. Very nice tread pattern...
    Part Number Specifics Price
    1928-31 $159.00 / ea.
  • Alternator Mounting Bracket
    "H" bracket used to mount the alternator in place of the generator. Adjusts with washers so you can shift the alternator forward or backward for belt alignment.
    Part Number Specifics Price
    1928-31 $33.50 / ea.
  • Aluminum Top Molding
    Used on 31 Coupe after May of 31, 31 Slant W/S 4-door, and 30-1 Victoria. You need 2 for coupe, 3 for sedan. This is the style of top molding that uses the A-47302 insert to cover the nail heads...
    Part Number Specifics Price
    1930-31 $21.00 / ea.
  • Authentic Glass Channel
    The metal channel that holds the bottom of the door glass. The regulator arm fits into the slot at the bottom. Right and left are the same. Original, heavier gauge and no modification required.
    Part Number Specifics Price
    Coupes, Tudors and '30-31 Trucks
    $43.95 / ea.
    Tudor Rear
    $45.50 / ea.
  • Authentic Plug Connectors
    If you are going for 100% authenticity, these are the plug connectors that you will need. Both are made of bronze the early style (A-12275-AR), pictured on top were used from the beginning of...
    Part Number Specifics Price
    $3.10 / set of 4
    $2.75 / set of 4
  • Body Number Tag
    This is not a plate that was used on the Model A or Model T originally. Gives the owner a place to stamp their body number and mount to the body somewhere, normally on the firewall. Includes rivets.
    Part Number Specifics Price
    1909-31 $4.95 / ea.
  • Brake Floater Kit
    Flat Head Ted wheel floater kit. This kit attaches to all 4 backing plates and gives you drastic braking improvement. This is the kit that everyone has been talking about.
    Part Number Specifics Price
    1928-31 $175.00 / ea.

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