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  1. Model T Steering Wheels T-3501 (1909-1927) T-3501-A (1909-1927) T-3501-AC (1909-1927) T-3501-C (1909-1927)  

    All wheels have a mahogany rim.

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  2. Model T Steering Wheel Rim T-3501-BL (1919-1925) $57.95 / ea.  

    Black high strength phenolic 16" O.

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  3. Model T Steering Wheel Rim T-3501-W1 (1911-1919) T-3501-W2 (1919-1925) T-3501-W3 (1925-1927)  

    Round maple wood rims, original contour, unfinished.

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  4. Model T Finished Steering Wheel Rims T-3501-C1 (1911-1919) T-3501-C2 (1919-1925) T-3501-C3 (1925-1927) T-3501-X1 (1911-1919) T-3501-X2 (1919-1925) T-3501-X3 (1925-1927)  

    Finished Cherry or Walnut Rims.

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  5. Model T Torpedo Column Flange T-3500-FL (1910-1911) $93.00 / ea.  

    Brass flange converts standard steering column to Torpedo style.

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  6. Model T Steering Rim Screws T-3502 (1909-1927) T-3502-S (1909-1927) T-3502-SF (1919-1927)  

    Authentic style.

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  7. Model T Fat Man Steering Bracket T-3503-B (1909-1927) T-3503-C (1909-1927)  

    Simply remove your steering wheel, attach this bracket where you just removed the steering wheel, and then attach your steering wheel to this bracket.

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  8. Model T Steering Gear Cover T-3504 (1909-1914) $36.00 / ea.  

    A polished brass cover for the early brass era cars.

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  9. Model T Steering Column Support T-3505 (1915-1927) T-3505-H (1915-1927)  

    An additional bracket that runs from the steering column to the firewall for added strength.

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  10. Model T Quadrant T-3509 (1909-1915) $38.50 / ea.  

    Made of brass for the early T's.

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  11. Model T Quadrant Rivets T-3509-MB (1909-1927) T-3509-MBB (1909-1916)  

    These rivets hold the T-3509 quadrant to the steering column.

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  12. Model T Steering Wheel Nut T-3511-B (1909-1927) T-3511-C (1909-1927) T-3511-S (1909-1927)  

    Available in steel, brass or chrome.

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