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  1. Model T Door Skins T-5115-14 T-5115-LR (1914-1925) T-5115-RF (1915-1925) T-5115-RR (1914-1925)  

    Outer metal skin only for the open car doors.

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  2. 1913 Roadster Door Hinge T-5297-E (1913) $58.95 / ea  

    One hinge for the right door.

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  3. 1912 Rear Door Hinges T-5297-D (1912) $117.00 / pr.  

    For the rear doors of the Touring car.

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  4. Model T 1927 Touring/Roadster Sill Plate T-5682-FS $79.95 / pr.  

    This steel sill plate was unique in that it wrapped down around the outer edge of the sub rail.

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  5. Model T 1926-27 Roadster/Touring Sill Plate T-5682-F (1926-1927) $97.00 / pr.  

    Aluminum sill plate that goes at the bottom of the door opening.

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  6. Model T 1926-27 Touring Rear Sill Plate T-5682-R (1926-1927) $85.00 / pr.  

    Aluminum plates that go at the bottom of the rear door opening.

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  7. Model T 1926-27 Touring Rear Sill Plate T-5682-RS (1926-1927) $67.75 / pr.  

    Some of the 26-7's used this steel sill plate.

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  8. Model T Front Sill Plates T-46480-A (1909-1911) T-46481-A (1909-1911)  

    Front and rear sill plates brass with Ford Motor Company in script in center.

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  9. Model T 1909-11 Rear Sill Plate T-46481-A (1909-1911) $48.00 / pr.  

    Touring rear door sill plate.

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  10. Model T Front Sill Plates T-46480-D $40.00 / pr.  

    Brass sill plates with diamond pattern and Ford in the center.

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  11. Model T 1926 Sill Rocker Panel T-5683-S $50.00 / pr.  

    This rocker panel goes underneath the T-5682-F sill plate.

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  12. Model T Hinge Pins T-5205-X (1915-1927) $0.65 / pr.  

    Exact duplicates of the pins used on all Ford open cars.

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