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  1. Model T Wicks T-6392-B (1915-1927) $1.00 / pr.  

    For the oil side and tail lamps.

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  2. Model T Retainer T-6406-X (1916-1925) $0.95 / ea.  

    The wire retainer that holds the tail light lens in place.

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  3. Model T Accessory Tail/Stop Gaskets T-6413/14 (1926-1927) $2.50 / set  

    This gasket set is for the accessory tail lamp that was offered in 26-27 that had 2 bulbs.

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  4. Model T Tail Lamp Gasket T-6414-BX $0.35 / ea.  

    Used on the 26-7 fender mounted tail lamps that had the single bulb in them.

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  5. Model A Double Contact Socket A-13412-DC (1909-1931) $7.10 / ea.  

    Use these universal style sockets to convert any side or tail lamp to a dual filament bulb that can be used for turn signals or just to convert a gas lamp to electric! You will have to modify your lamp to accept these.

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  6. Model A Staggered Pins Turn Signal Bulb A-13304 (1928-1931) A-13304-12 (1928-1931)  

    These unique bulbs are staggered pin dual filament with a low profile that will fit in lamps where a conventional bulb won't! Use these in our A-13412-DC socket.

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  7. Model T Electric Tail Light Lens T-6484-BRX (1920-1925) $9.50 / ea.  

    A well made red glass tail light lens for the 1920-25 electric tail light.

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  8. Model T Celluloid License Lens T-6484-CLX (1919-1923) $0.65 / ea.  

    Clear celluloid lens used in the 1919-23 electric tail light for the light to shine on the license plate.

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  9. Model T Tail Light Lens T-6484-CX (1926-1927) $1.40 / ea.  

    This is the thin red plastic celluloid lens used on the 26-27 tail lights only.

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  10. Model T Teacup Lens T-6445-CX (1926-1927) $9.95 / ea.  

    For the 26-27 only, this is the cup-like lens.

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  11. Model T Oil Tail Lamp Lens T-6484-DX (1915-1923) $8.25 / ea.  

    The clear glass lens for the side of the oil tail lamp.

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  12. Model T Oil Tail Lamp Lens T-6484-DXR (1920-1925) $8.25 / ea.  

    Same as the T-6484-DX except this one is red.

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