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  1. Model T Brake Camshaft T-2557 (1909-1925) T-2557-B (1926-1927) T-2558 (1909-1925) T-2558-B (1926-1927)  

    Emergency brake camshaft.

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  2. APCO Brake Rod Supports T-3470-ACC (1909-1927) $39.95 / pr.  

    Accessory APCO brake rod supports for Model T's.

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  3. Model T Brake Cam Repair Sleeves T-2556 (1909-1925) $9.95 / pr.  

    If you have worn brake cams, brake shoes, brake drums, or all of the above, this is a pretty simple fix.

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  4. Model T Brake Camshaft Bushing T-2559 (1909-1925) T-2559-B (1926-1927) T-2559-E (1909-1915)  

    Replace the worn bushing for less rattle and smoother braking.

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  5. Model T Brake Backing Plates T-2560 (1926-1927) T-2561 (1926-1927)  

    This is the plate on the rear axle that holds the brake band.

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  6. Model T Brake Band Clips T-2560-CL (1926-1927) $5.00 / ea.  

    Four of these are used on each brake backing plate.

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  7. Model T Backing Plate Mount Kit T-2560-MB (1926-1927) $1.50 / set  

    Bolts that look like rivets for attaching brake backing plates to axle housings.

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  8. Model T Ford Emergency Brake Lever T-2562 (1909-1925) $23.50 / ea.  

    Brake lever and two pins.

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  9. Model T Camshaft Lever Pins T-2563 (1909-1925) T-2563-B (1926-1927)  

    Pins holding the camshaft lever onto the rear brake camshaft.

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  10. Model T Clevis Pins T-2564 (1909-1927) T-2564-OV (1909-1927)  

    Model T Ford used four clevis pins for the emergency brake rods.

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  11. Model T Disc Brake Pad Kit T-2566-DX (1909-1927) $83.50 / set  

    Pads only if you have converted your Model T over to modern disc brakes on the rear wheels.

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  12. Model T Rocky Mountain Brakes T-2565-A (1909-1925) T-2565-B (1926-1927) T-2565-TT (1919-1927)  

    Getting old Lizzie going is one thing, getting her stopped is another! These Rocky Mountain brakes are almost a must when you have a ruckstell or overdrive.

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