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  1. Model A Brake Boot A-7000-BB (1928-1931) $3.50 / ea.  

    A very nice black rubber boot that fits over the brake handle and keeps the road dirt from getting into the car.

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  2. Model A Gear Shift Boot A-7000-GB (1928-1931) $3.25 / ea.  

    A nice black rubber boot for the gear shift.

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  3. Model A Brake Boot Retainer A-7000-BBR (1928-1931) $11.50 / ea.  

    Used only on early 28's that had the brake handle that came through the sub rail to the left of the driver.

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  4. Model A Gear Shift Seal Retainer A-7000-GBR (1928-1931) $14.95 / ea.  

    A rubber seal was used originally until Feb-March of 1928 to seal the floorboards to the shifter.

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  5. Brake Boot Retainer A-7000-BBSS (1928-1931) $6.95  

    Not original but a great accessory item.

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  6. Gear Boot Retainers A-7000-GBSS (1928-1931) $9.75  

    Not original but a great accessory item.

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  7. Model A Transmission Adapter Kit A-7001 (1928-1931) A-7001-A (1928-1931) A-7001-B (1928-1931) A-7001-C (1928-1931) A-7001-D (1928-1931) A-7001-E (1928-1931)  

    This kit will allow you to install a transmission from a 1932-39 V-8 in your Model A.

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  8. Right Hand Drive Transmission Adapter A-7001-RHD (1932-1934) $639.00 / ea.  

    RIGHT HAND DRIVE ONLY! this kit will allow you to install a transmission from a 1932-39 V-8 in your Model A The kit includes a bell housing adapter, wish bone, hand brake, pedal and throwout bearing shaft adapters.

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  9. Model A Mitchell Transmission A-7004-E (1928-1929) A-7004-L (1929-1931)  

    Note: Mitchell Transmission delivery times are about eight weeks.

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  10. Model A Transmission, Rebuilt A-7005-E (1928-1929) A-7005-L (1929-1931)  

    Sold on exchange only.

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  11. Model A Dipstick Kit A-7005-DK (1928-1931) $36.75 / ea.  

    No more guessing where the oil level is in the transmission! the kit gives you a tube with a dipstick that threads into the oil filler hole and a plate just like your battery cover plate to access the dipstick.

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  12. Model A Oil Fill/Drain Plug A-7005 (1928-1931) $0.90 / ea.  

    Nice cad plated plugs for the oil fill hole and the drain hole as well.

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