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  1. Gas, Oil and Water Can Set T-8000 (1909-1931) $390.00 / ea.  

    Gas, oil and water cans were a very popular accessory back in the Model T and Model A eras.

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  2. Hat Wind Lanyard A-18830 (1909-1931) $9.95 / ea.  

    Also called the Wally Clip! When driving down the road with the top down, this handy accessory secures your hat or scarf from being lost in the wind! Strong clips secure to hat/scarf and your collar at the opposite end.

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  3. License Plate Toppers LT-1 (1909-1931) LT-10 (1909-1931) LT-11 (1909-1931) LT-12 (1909-1931) LT-2 (1909-1831) LT-3 (1909-1931) LT-4 (1909-1931) LT-5 (1909-1931) LT-6 (1909-1931) LT-7 (1909-1931) LT-9 (1909-1931)  

    License plate topper steel 4-3/4" overall height, 3-1/2" diameter circle.

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  4. License Plate Toppers LT-13 (1909-1931) LT-14 (1909-1931) LT-15 (1909-1931) LT-16 (1909-1931) LT-17 (1909-1931) LT-18 (1909-1931) LT-19 (1909-1931)  

    License plate topper steel 4-3/4" overall height, 3-1/2" diameter circle.

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  5. Model A Bud Vases  

    Beautiful duplicates of a very popular era accessory.

  6. Model A Vintage Flashlight A-18102 (1928-1931) $3.75 / ea.  

    Chrome, period appearing flashlight makes a great addition to your vintage car.

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  7. Model A Flashlight Bracket A-18103 (1909-1931) $8.50 / ea.  

    This handy bracket fits most round steering columns up to about 2" in diameter.

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  8. Fog Lamps and Replacement Bulbs A-18105 (1909-1931) A-18105-12 (1909-1931) A-18106 (1909-1931) A-18106-12 (1909-1931) A-18107 (1909-1931) A-18107-12 (1909-1931) A-18108 (1909-1931) A-18108-12 (1909-1931)  

    Fog Lamps with chrome housing with either amber or clear bulbs.

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  9. Fog Lamp Brackets A-18109 (1926-1931) $33.95  

    For use when mounting our fog lamps to either the bumper bars or the bumper brackets.

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  10. Model A Ford Pedal Pads A-18422 (1928-1931) $3.20 / pr.  

    Black rubber pads that fit over the brake and clutch pedals.

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  11. Model A Ford Fulton Pedal Pads A-18422-FUL (1928-1931) $33.50 / pr.  

    A copy of the original Fulton pedal pads as sold in the Model A days.

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  12. Model A Manifold Heater A-18478-S (1928-1931) $72.50 / ea.  

    This heater bolts onto the stock manifold with no cutting or welding.

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