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I have a 1929 Model A. I have removed my oil pan for some heavy cleaning. The oil pump cme out when I took the pan off. How can I make sure that I have it in the proper position when I put it back together? How can I test it to make sure it works proper?

remove the 1/8" slotted pipe plug that is in the middle of the block between the valve cover and the oil pan. this is where the oil runs through the block and into the valve area. when you slip the oil pump back into place, temp. hold it in place by screwing a 3/8-24 bolt in place of the 1/8" pipe plug you just removed. be carefull not to overtighten it, you just need enough pressure to hold the pump in place until you get the pan back on. after you have installed the pan, remove the bolt and replace the pipe plug. there is only one way the oil pump can go in, just make sure the pump is all the way up against the block. you just have to keep twisting the shaft in the pump until you feel it drop into place when you push it up. to be sure the pump is working you can remove the pipe plug I discussed earlier in my letter and crank the motor over. if you see oil coming out that hold, you know the pump is working.

Date Added: 04/29/06

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