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How do I stop the oil from leaking out the bell housing? Its engine oil,so I guess the rear main seal is bad,if it had one. Thanks Wayne

Oil coming out the bell housing is normally coming from one of two places. Either someone forgot to put a gasket between the flywheel housing and the block, or the rear main needs some attention. The most common cause for oil to leak out the rear main is too much clearance. Drop your pan and the rear main bearing cap and inspect the babbitt in the rear main to see if there are any broken pieces of babbitt. Be careful when removing the bearing cap that the shims that were between the bearing cap and the block go back the way they came out. If the babbitt looks good, make sure the oil drain tube is attached to the rear main bearing cap. Check tube and the passage that feeds oil to the tube to be sure nothing is blocking passage of oil. If all looks good, check the clearance between the cap and the crank with some plastigage. You should have about .001" to .0015" of clearance. If you have excessive clearance you will have to remove some shim stock from between the bearing cap and the block to tighten up this tollerance. If you had excessive clearance in the rear main, you will need to repeat the procedure on the center and front mains as well.

Date Added: 07/06/04

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