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Wooden Coil Boxes

Snyder's Antique Auto has wooden coil boxes and coil box latches, mounting brackets, and other Model T Ford Coil box parts and accessories. We love answering your questions, so please don't hesitate to ask about our coil boxes and accessories!

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  1. Jacobson Brandow 1911 Coil Points T-4264-5 (1911) $115.00 / ea.  

    These coil points were only used in the summer of 1911.

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  2. Jacobson Brandow 1910-11 Coil Box Brackets T-4254-B (1910-1911) $149.95 / ea.  

    Unpolished brass, includes screws, stainless stud nuts must be purchased separately.

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  3. Jackson Brandow Coil Box Terminal Set T-4254-TS (1910-1911) $79.95 / set  

    Terminal / contact assembly set.

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  4. Jacobson Brandow Coil Box T-4250-U (1910-1911) $595.00 / ea.  

    Unfinished wood, not wired does not include hardware.

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  5. Picture Unavailable Jacobson Brandow Coil Box T-4250-C (1910-1911) $1,450.00 / ea.  

    Complete coil box.

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  6. Picture Unavailable 1911 Jacobson Brandow Coil Box T-4261-SC (1911) $795.00 / ea.  

    Same as the T-4261 coil box except this one is stained and finished.

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  7. Jacobson Brandow Coil Box Lid T-4255 (1910-1911) $135.00 / ea.  

    1910-11 Unfinished, screws included but not installed (pictured).

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  8. Jacobson Brandow Coil Box Lid T-4262 (1911) $149.95 / ea.  

    1910-11 Unfinished, screws included but not installed (pictured).

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  9. Jacobson Brandow Coil Box Mounting Nuts & Washers T-4214-BN (1910-1911) $26.95 / ea.  

    Used on 1910-11 Jackson Brandow coil boxes.

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  10. KW Coil Box Terminal Set T-4676-T (1912-1913) $112.00 / ea.  

    Special square shouldered brass bolt 2-5/16" long with bronze contacts.

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  11. Splitdorf Unfinished Coil Boxes T-1506-UL (1905-1910) T-1506-US (1905-1910)  

    Unfinished wood box with lid, assembled, wired but without hardware or switch.

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  12. Splitdorf 2 Cylinder Coil Box T-1506-2C (1905-1910) $487.00 / ea.  

    Box only, correct for Ford F and other 2-cylinder autos.

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