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Closed Car Carpet

Snyder's Antique Auto carries closed car carpet and fasteners for the Model T Ford. Antique auto carpet can be replaced with authentic style carpets or replacement style carpets that allow your Model T's closed car carpet to look as close to the original equipment as possible. Please feel free to post any antique car carpet questions you may have about Snyder's closed car carpet, and we will respond promptly!

  1. Model T Authentic Wool Carpets FCC1A25-BRN (1923-1925) FCC1A25-GRAY (1923-1925) FCC1B27-BRN (1926-1927) FCC1B27-GRAY (1926-1927) FCC1C22-BRN (1923-1925) FCC1C22-GRAY (1915-1922) FCC2A25-BRN (1923-1925) FCC2A25-GRAY (1923-1925) FCC2B27-BRN (1926-1927) FCC2B27-GRAY (1926-1927) FCC3A25-BRN (1923-1925) FCC3A25-GRAY (1923-1925) FCC3B27-BRN (1926-1927) FCC3B27-GRAY (1926-1927) FCC4C22-BRN (1917-1922) FCC4C22-GRAY (1917-1922)  

    The Coupes, Tudors and 4-doors used carpet on the floor.

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  2. Model A Carpet Fasteners A-2057-F (1915-1931) A-37106-SP (1915-1931)  

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  3. Model T Nylon Closed Car Carpet Sample-T1 (1915-1927) T-7300-C1A (1915-1922) T-7300-C1B (1915-1922) T-7300-C1D (1915-1922) T-7300-C2A (1923-1925) T-7300-C2B (1923-1925) T-7300-C2D (1923-1925) T-7300-C3A (1926-1927) T-7300-C3B (1926-1927) T-7300-C3D (1926-1927) T-7301-T2A (1923-1925) T-7301-T2B (1923-1925) T-7301-T2D (1923-1925) T-7301-T3A (1926-1927) T-7301-T3B (1926-1927) T-7301-T3D (1926-1927) T-7302-F2A (1923-1925) T-7302-F2B (1923-1925) T-7302-F2D (1923-1925) T-7302-F3A (1926-1927) T-7302-F3B (1926-1927) T-7302-F3D (1926-1927)  

    The Coupes, Tudors, and 4-doors used carpet on the floor.

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